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Maybe you wonder where you are

Spring is just around the corner (allegedly, I have yet to see any evidence of winter’s end) and I have three “races” under my belt so far this year. So far this year, I’m secretly disappointed.

I keep reminding myself that I have loads of good and bad excuses: a concussion, an injury, a polar vortex, continued low mileage, training through races, laziness.

The excuses don’t help. I’m still running the same times / slower that I was running last year and the year before. Which kind of sucks.

First up,

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Everybody’s looking at my tight pants

My cool and in the know friends have been holding out on me. I am never in the know, I don’t even know the know to be in, so I rely on my friends to keep me knowing. I don’t want to publicly call them out for not sharing the know, so I won’t name names, but they sound a lot like @ali_zim, @Fueling4Fitness, and @PostTweetism*.

They recently let it slip that there is a song that may just be the greatest winter running song ever sung. This song beautifully captures the art of wrangling oneself into winter-grade tight tights that leave nothing to the imagination, with confidence and without the bashful need to cover up those tights tights with some loose fitting gym shorts.

This song isn’t new, but until last week no one (by “one”, I mean those souls who sound like @ali_zim, @Fueling4Fitness, and @PostTweetism) thought to send me the magnificent YouTube video.

To make up for this lost time, I watched it 37 times consecutively. It’s a bit hypnotic.

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On the borderline of the edge and where I walk alone

I think I am the only runner in this city opposed to a proposed new stadium (domed track and field) at Central Tech HS. Sounds crazy, right, a runner opposed to a fancy pants new track at a location that may or may not be very convenient to work and or home (like I’m telling you internet crazies).

I use the word opposed reluctantly, as it sounds so political. My concerns aren’t the usual complaints about a big ugly dome hiding a lovely heritage building, or traffic, or parking. My “opposition” is entirely selfish. I’m the angry old man shaking a first in a get off my lawn manner. I’m certainly not feeling passionate enough to make a sign, or show up at a community meeting, or even do the most basic of reading in the matter, but I have a self-interested and uninformed opinion that could flip flop readily and dammit I will be heard.

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If you want a thing that’s hip, do the bearcat

I woke up this morning and the internets told me it is International Polar Bear Day. Having never had an encounter with an in the wild polar bear, I’m much happier with the bear kind of polar than I am the vortex kind of polar.

So yeah, you may have guessed that we are in the midst of yet another vortex and cold weather alerts and arctic winds and other horrifyingly cold newsy stuff that is apparently never going to end and so I stopped listening to all weather reports out of fear I’d go into full retreat and opt to stay in bed until April. Polar bear, good; polar vortex, bad.

Admittedly though, I do love saying polar vortex.

But back to polar bears. I’ve spent most of the winter falling in love with the baby polar bear at the Toronto Zoo. I know zoos and zoo born animals are controversial, and I’m not saying my love of the polar bear means support for animals in captivity, all I’m saying is that this bear and the videos posted by the zoo are so freaking cute I watch them on repeat.

Here is the little guy experiencing snow for the first time. Sure at first he’s like, WTF is this shit, but once he adapts see how happy he is, running about in the white frozen water? We’ve had a record number of snowfall and vortex days this year and the last time I saw flakes I started to sob in my pancakes and reached for some extra syrup.

This little guy motivates me to love snow. I haven’t successfully translated this motivation into actual running in the snow again, but it’s a first step (side note, the video of his first steps is just as charming). Continue reading

You freezing my booty, my face, my cortex

This is my winter 2014 running anthem. I can’t stop laughing. Or singing. Or nodding in agreement.

I also really like saying polar vortex. Kick it. Au ja.

Title: Polar Vortex (You Are Friezing) – Flula. 2014.

Running through the field where all my tracks will be concealed

The trick to winter running is dressing appropriately.
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I couldn’t skate in junior, but my fists rang like a bell

I went back to the hospital and was given the reassuring news that my brain doesn’t seem to be swollen or bleeding, it’s just concussed. Because I’m an insane person who thought I’d be running two days post-concussion (crazy or hopelessly optimistic, you decide), I don’t think my doc trusts judgement and so he gave me a helpful return to running plan. It’s actually a return to playing hockey plan, because… this is Canada? Apparently the same principles apply.


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