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Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father

If I was a good blogger I’d start teasing that I have a big announcement to make, then two days later I’d vaguely mention a new addition to our family, then something about a future runner in the house, then eventually I’d reveal that we got ourselves a puppy. But I’m not a good blogger and I’m not into drawn out announcements with a twist, haha, not pregnant, just a puppy, gotcha.

So yeah, PUPPY! Whippet puppy! Future championship runner (no pressure)! Continue reading


Is it any wonder that I’m tired?

In case you were wondering, you can’t take eights weeks off of training because it is so record-breakingly hot you want to throw your body on the nearest glacier and never leave, then get west nile and sleep almost non-stop for three-weeks, and then expect to have any sort of lingering running abilities like speed or endurance. Continue reading

Don’t you know you’ve got to try

I probably say I’ll try to often. I’ll try to run the interval in some faster than usual time. I’ll try to do an extra repeat. I’ll try to get up for a long run. I’ll try to stop bingeing on chocolate covered almonds. I’ll try to go to sleep before 1am.  Continue reading

Day by day I’m feeling stronger

You may recall that about six months ago I did something new. I started running with a coach and his club. You may recall that I was a little bit nervous about running with a coach and his club. Continue reading

It just don’t seem fair; he’s still a gorilla

New year’s admission: I like cheesy run slogans and mantras and quotes. 

I recently stumbled across* hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, which speaks to my talentless genes. A low mileage runner, in 2012 I’m resolving to embrace miles make champions as my inspirational quote. During a pep seminar before the Boston Marathon an elite runner shared her keep it together mantra and I’ve since stolen it for my own use. I think it works better for her. Yesterday, this gem crossed my desk. It’s my new training motto. Continue reading

She was a nervous girl

A month ago I started training with a new run club.  I started training with a coach.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but other obligations (leading running clinics three times a week for most of the last seven years and leading weekly runs for another club for the last four-ish years) always conflicted with the training nights.  Ok, and admittedly, I was a bit lot nervous/intimidated/scared to make the move.  Continue reading

On the wrong day of the wrong week

I bought a new training diary with the faint hope that writing down my runs might actually lead to, oh I don’t know, actual training.  The one I purchased can’t help but inspire the laziest of runner.   Continue reading