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We were both too tired to sleep

I am so stoked to be running two relays this year. Two famous Canadian races. Both are runs I’ve wanted to run as long as I’ve been a runner, and it just so happened that both worked out this year:

1. The Canadian Death Race
2. The Cabot Trail Relay

All this relay talk got me thinking about another relay I ran, almost a year ago. Actually, it’s the only other hours in a car style relay I’ve ever run. Last year the Ragnar series came to Ontario and organized a race from some small town on the shores of Lake Ontario to Niagara Falls. 12 super rad women, 2 sweet SUVs, lots of junk food, approximately 24 hours. It was awesome, it was stressful, it was crazy. I loved it.

12 crazy cool gals

12 crazy cool gals

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Trying to keep up with you and I don’t know if I can do it

So this happened. Continue reading

Right round like a record baby

Well, today was a pretty freakin’ sweet marathoning day in Canada. So thrilling I’m using a record number of exclamation marks to write about it!! Continue reading

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older, then we wouldn’t have to wait so long

Guess who was provisionally accepted to run the Boston Marathon, provided that there is nothing fraudulent, fabricated or inaccurate in the application?

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People tell me there ain’t no use in trying

I did something I thought I’d never do. I dropped out of a race. DNF. Continue reading

I see the ice is slowly melting

I kicked off my spring race season with a half marathon opener a couple of weeks ago and Husband followed up with a 5K last weekend. I’d normally give my standard two-line race review, devoid of finish times because, I always thought, who the heck cares about my finish times anyway? I’m not elite or impressively fast, if you know me you know my time, if you don’t know me but you read my blog with any kind of consistency you could probably guess my time and be reasonably close, and, well, I do like to pretend to keep an air of mystery hanging around me.

But I recently read about “the deviant no-time race report“, which I learned “is probably the worst thing you can do to your readers if you are a running blogger. Because we’ll play along and try to pretend we’re totally immersed in the jubilation of your victory or the anguish of your defeat, but you at least owe us a finish time“. Who am I to deny my legions of readers? Continue reading

I’ve never seen a man who looked so all alone

I recently read that the Boston marathon is 50 days away. I only care because that means it’s spring race time. The local races kicked off this weekend with the first half marathon of the season. I haven’t paid to run in anything yet (but I will, I just don’t know where or when, and I probably won’t say anyway), but I have promised to do some pacing in the next few weeks at  an upcoming half marathon, 30K, and marathon.

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