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Everybody’s looking at my tight pants

My cool and in the know friends have been holding out on me. I am never in the know, I don’t even know the know to be in, so I rely on my friends to keep me knowing. I don’t want to publicly call them out for not sharing the know, so I won’t name names, but they sound a lot like @ali_zim, @Fueling4Fitness, and @PostTweetism*.

They recently let it slip that there is a song that may just be the greatest winter running song ever sung. This song beautifully captures the art of wrangling oneself into winter-grade tight tights that leave nothing to the imagination, with confidence and without the bashful need to cover up those tights tights with some loose fitting gym shorts.

This song isn’t new, but until last week no one (by “one”, I mean those souls who sound like @ali_zim, @Fueling4Fitness, and @PostTweetism) thought to send me the magnificent YouTube video.

To make up for this lost time, I watched it 37 times consecutively. It’s a bit hypnotic.

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Takes a little longer, takes a little time

In my (I suppose I should say humble) opinion, Doug and the Slugs* are under-appreciated in the sub-genre of motivational running music. Eminem, Journey, and Survivor always top the list, while Doug and the Slugs are overlooked**.

Do they belong at the top? Yes. But don’t just take my word for it, judge for yourself. Continue reading

Mile of trials, all worthwhile

Not so long ago I wrote about Shawn Brady’s inspiring song All for the Run. He recently made a video using footage of the Yonge Street 10k starring Reid Coolsaet and his impressive finishing kick. Also starring is me and my lackluster opening kick as a bobbing speck in one of those opening race scenes. I probably won’t let the fame go to my head.

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I live life, might take it slow

I’m in a bit of a funk. A running funk, a life funk, a funky funk. It’s nearly midnight and I’m playing my “new” motivation song on a loop so that I don’t sleep through my alarm tomorrow and skip my “long” run. Continue reading

look and see the distance in my eyes

I briefly mentioned listening to Shawn Brady play at the pub after my 5K race last weekend. I didn’t mention that he recently released the album Electric Blood featuring the song All for the Run, inspired in part by the book Once a Runner. Also inspired in part, as Canadian Running reports, by his own running (he’s also an accomplished runner)Continue reading

Making me feel glad that I’m not you


According to Wikipedia, the word derives from Schaden (adversity, harm) and Freude (joy).  Deriving pleasure from the misfortunes of others.   Continue reading

Wash away my sorrow, wash away my shame

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but my life tends to move along to a soundtrack. As a teenager I would compulsively play the same songs over and over and over. I’m not sure that was terribly healthy.

I spent 12 hours after the race that shall not be named singing this: Continue reading