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Maybe you wonder where you are

Spring is just around the corner (allegedly, I have yet to see any evidence of winter’s end) and I have three “races” under my belt so far this year. So far this year, I’m secretly disappointed.

I keep reminding myself that I have loads of good and bad excuses: a concussion, an injury, a polar vortex, continued low mileage, training through races, laziness.

The excuses don’t help. I’m still running the same times / slower that I was running last year and the year before. Which kind of sucks.

First up,

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Everybody’s looking at my tight pants

My cool and in the know friends have been holding out on me. I am never in the know, I don’t even know the know to be in, so I rely on my friends to keep me knowing. I don’t want to publicly call them out for not sharing the know, so I won’t name names, but they sound a lot like @ali_zim, @Fueling4Fitness, and @PostTweetism*.

They recently let it slip that there is a song that may just be the greatest winter running song ever sung. This song beautifully captures the art of wrangling oneself into winter-grade tight tights that leave nothing to the imagination, with confidence and without the bashful need to cover up those tights tights with some loose fitting gym shorts.

This song isn’t new, but until last week no one (by “one”, I mean those souls who sound like @ali_zim, @Fueling4Fitness, and @PostTweetism) thought to send me the magnificent YouTube video.

To make up for this lost time, I watched it 37 times consecutively. It’s a bit hypnotic.

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When it got cold, ohhh, we bundled up

I finally make a goal, set my mind to training like I’ve never trained before, and the universe laughs in my face then gives me the finger.

I love winter training. Truly love it. Running in freshly fallen snow, bundling up against the cold northern wind, navigating winter’s natural obstacles. I always say I’ll take -40C over +40C and I mean. I still do love it, even though winter is doing a damn fine job of rebuffing my affections. Winter, it seems, has foreseen me.


Random Pinterest Pic About Winter Running

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I’ll give a little bit of my love to you

Last year I posted a List of Awesome Gift Ideas for Runners Who Have Everything, Including Everything on the List I Posted Last Year, which was the followup to the 2011 List of Awesome Gift Ideas for Runners Who have Everything. This isn’t a list for new runners who need shoes and coats, this is a list for runners who have the basics and might appreciate something a little different. Items from past years’ lists have appeared in the 2013 lists of popular running publications, so if you want to be cutting edge (as far as it goes among runners), this is the place for ideas.

So this year I bring you another List of Awesome Gift Ideas for Runners Who Have Everything, Including Everything on the List I Posted Last Year and the Year Before (and Lots of Closet Space)**. Continue reading

If it was warm she wouldn’t wear much more

I know this running top is super popular and everyone I know owns one, wants one, and/or likes them… but every time I see one all I think is “why are you wearing a shirt with a giant arrow leading to your lady parts”? Continue reading

So walk like a man, my son

I have a marathon time goal for 2014. I’m usually a bit quiet about my goals, but I’m being a bit bolder this time*. Not because I’m confident, quite the opposite, I’m terrified to even try and I have that queasy feeling in my stomach that I’m setting myself up for a big old failure. I’m cliche-ing myself with nuggets like “it’s better to have tried and failed then to have never tried at all”, but Homer Simpson keeps getting in the way.

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Right round like a record baby

Well, today was a pretty freakin’ sweet marathoning day in Canada. So thrilling I’m using a record number of exclamation marks to write about it!! Continue reading