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Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father

If I was a good blogger I’d start teasing that I have a big announcement to make, then two days later I’d vaguely mention a new addition to our family, then something about a future runner in the house, then eventually I’d reveal that we got ourselves a puppy. But I’m not a good blogger and I’m not into drawn out announcements with a twist, haha, not pregnant, just a puppy, gotcha.

So yeah, PUPPY! Whippet puppy! Future championship runner (no pressure)! Continue reading


Everybody’s looking at my tight pants

My cool and in the know friends have been holding out on me. I am never in the know, I don’t even know the know to be in, so I rely on my friends to keep me knowing. I don’t want to publicly call them out for not sharing the know, so I won’t name names, but they sound a lot like @ali_zim, @Fueling4Fitness, and @PostTweetism*.

They recently let it slip that there is a song that may just be the greatest winter running song ever sung. This song beautifully captures the art of wrangling oneself into winter-grade tight tights that leave nothing to the imagination, with confidence and without the bashful need to cover up those tights tights with some loose fitting gym shorts.

This song isn’t new, but until last week no one (by “one”, I mean those souls who sound like @ali_zim, @Fueling4Fitness, and @PostTweetism) thought to send me the magnificent YouTube video.

To make up for this lost time, I watched it 37 times consecutively. It’s a bit hypnotic.

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Running through the field where all my tracks will be concealed

The trick to winter running is dressing appropriately.
Fcoldhat Continue reading

I’ll give a little bit of my love to you

Last year I posted a List of Awesome Gift Ideas for Runners Who Have Everything, Including Everything on the List I Posted Last Year, which was the followup to the 2011 List of Awesome Gift Ideas for Runners Who have Everything. This isn’t a list for new runners who need shoes and coats, this is a list for runners who have the basics and might appreciate something a little different. Items from past years’ lists have appeared in the 2013 lists of popular running publications, so if you want to be cutting edge (as far as it goes among runners), this is the place for ideas.

So this year I bring you another List of Awesome Gift Ideas for Runners Who Have Everything, Including Everything on the List I Posted Last Year and the Year Before (and Lots of Closet Space)**. Continue reading

Still looking for that blue jean baby queen

I am in love with Yoga Jeans by Second Denim. Like second grade “why don’t you marry them”, “maybe I will” in love. In a pinch I could run (for a bus, for my life) in these jeans, but I prefer just to look cute in them. But the Chuck Norris Action Jeans, those jeans have a hidden gusset and won’t bind your legs. Those jeans could withstand a marathon. Continue reading

I’ll be ready

My new(ish) job often keeps me at work late, which means I often miss my club workouts. While my teammates are getting fitter I am getting carpal tunnel. Last night Husband kindly gathered workout gear for me so I could zip straight to the run after work. As I was getting ready (in the car, on a public street, because I have no shame) he realized he forgot to pack one key garment, a garment he wouldn’t normally think to pack – for rather obvious reasons, a sports bra. Continue reading

Mix Tape Volume 23

Mix_TapeFound this one in a draft folder from several months ago. I just left a potluck and I’m too full of cheesecake to sit and write, so I’m opting to hit publish. The articles may be dated and irrelevant, the links may be dead, but I feel good for having made another contribution to the Internets. Continue reading