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We never saw nothing but brass taps and oak

I’ve always known I’m pretty lucky to live where I live. Like most who live here, I appreciate this luck in a quiet way. Outside of the odd hockey game, nationalism is on the subtle side. I dig it that way. Who would’ve thought that the one thing other than hockey to stir nationalistic feelings would be four beers and a one mile race?

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We were both too tired to sleep

I am so stoked to be running two relays this year. Two famous Canadian races. Both are runs I’ve wanted to run as long as I’ve been a runner, and it just so happened that both worked out this year:

1. The Canadian Death Race
2. The Cabot Trail Relay

All this relay talk got me thinking about another relay I ran, almost a year ago. Actually, it’s the only other hours in a car style relay I’ve ever run. Last year the Ragnar series came to Ontario and organized a race from some small town on the shores of Lake Ontario to Niagara Falls. 12 super rad women, 2 sweet SUVs, lots of junk food, approximately 24 hours. It was awesome, it was stressful, it was crazy. I loved it.

12 crazy cool gals

12 crazy cool gals

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I’m not at my best

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Through the woods we ran (deep into the mountain song)

So, trail running is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Hiking on the other hand, in theory I love, but in practice I get really impatient and end up running most of the hike. This is a useful habit on vacation when I’m trying to cram as many magical sites as possible into a fixed period of time.

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Tell me sweet little lies

It’s race season. That means people all over the internets are complaining about how terribly difficult it is to taper.

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Blow out the candles

Husband has a birthday of some significance coming up. There are a number of ways to celebrate the occasion of his birth, but the so-called “Birthday Run” seems to be a requirement of all run bloggers. As the husband of a run blogger, anything in his life potentially related to running is fair game material for a blog otherwise lacking in interesting topics of discussion.

The key to the Birthday Run is, not surprisingly, running a distance related to the new age (another option is to run a race on the actual birthday). The number run gets a bit trickier as one gets longer in the tooth, because the target number gets higher but the body gets older. I’m not convinced this is a real barrier though, as most runners just seem to get better with age.

Source: cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.ca

Source: cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.ca

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Still looking for that blue jean baby queen

I am in love with Yoga Jeans by Second Denim. Like second grade “why don’t you marry them”, “maybe I will” in love. In a pinch I could run (for a bus, for my life) in these jeans, but I prefer just to look cute in them. But the Chuck Norris Action Jeans, those jeans have a hidden gusset and won’t bind your legs. Those jeans could withstand a marathon. Continue reading