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We were both too tired to sleep

I am so stoked to be running two relays this year. Two famous Canadian races. Both are runs I’ve wanted to run as long as I’ve been a runner, and it just so happened that both worked out this year:

1. The Canadian Death Race
2. The Cabot Trail Relay

All this relay talk got me thinking about another relay I ran, almost a year ago. Actually, it’s the only other hours in a car style relay I’ve ever run. Last year the Ragnar series came to Ontario and organized a race from some small town on the shores of Lake Ontario to Niagara Falls. 12 super rad women, 2 sweet SUVs, lots of junk food, approximately 24 hours. It was awesome, it was stressful, it was crazy. I loved it.

12 crazy cool gals

12 crazy cool gals

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I’m not at my best

I did it again. Another DNF. Continue reading

I don’t intend on losing again

Finally, someone has replicated in a lab and packaged the taste of victory.

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You place the flowers in the vase

This is the top of my dining room buffet. The booze is below.  Continue reading

They were clouds in my coffee

Once upon a time photos of missing children graced the back of milk cartons. An important message, but a sad start to your day. Now you have something new to consider as you eat your morning candy cereal. Continue reading

And four help you through the night

I don’t think much about what I eat. I make a weekly meal plan so I don’t default to grilled cheese every night. I naturally tend towards reasonably healthy and balanced meals. I shop the perimeter of the store, venturing into the aisles for a few prepackaged staples I’m too lazy to make, like pasta sauce. I occasionally eat family sized bags of chocolate covered almonds. By myself. In the time it takes to watch Parks and Rec. Continue reading

Love and maple syrup goes together like the sticky winds of winter

Pancake Shrove Tuesday! You know what that means? Post-run pancakes. Topped with chocolate chips and, this will make me sound like a Canadian cliché, lots of maple syrup.

Canada produces more than 80% of the world’s maple syrup. The vast majority comes from the province of Quebec, the world’s largest producer with about 75% of global production.

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