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We were both too tired to sleep

I am so stoked to be running two relays this year. Two famous Canadian races. Both are runs I’ve wanted to run as long as I’ve been a runner, and it just so happened that both worked out this year:

1. The Canadian Death Race
2. The Cabot Trail Relay

All this relay talk got me thinking about another relay I ran, almost a year ago. Actually, it’s the only other hours in a car style relay I’ve ever run. Last year the Ragnar series came to Ontario and organized a race from some small town on the shores of Lake Ontario to Niagara Falls. 12 super rad women, 2 sweet SUVs, lots of junk food, approximately 24 hours. It was awesome, it was stressful, it was crazy. I loved it.

12 crazy cool gals

12 crazy cool gals

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Nothing makes a crowd disperse more quick than a great big puddle of sick

I am not one to give nutritional advice.  First, I’m not qualified.  Second, I’ve been known to eat a bag of chocolate chip decadent cookies for dinner.  Third, and chocolate covered almonds for dessert.  My standards are deliciously low.  But not this low: Continue reading

Mix Tape Volume 15

A selection of articles from around the Internets that every runner should read.  Each one guaranteed* to make you run faster. Continue reading

Forget oreos, eat Cool J cookies

I have written at length about my lack of willpower when it comes to cookies.  I’ve even shared the recipe for my Not-At-All Famous Runner’s Cookie.  Tonight I ate four chocolate covered cookies following The Hill Thrill.  Then I ate The Little Honey Bee’s sweets for dinner.  Again.  I also ate four clementines to balance the scale.  It’s a good thing I don’t run to lose weight.

My latest cookie discovery, straight from the pages of The Athlete’s Palate, is almost as good as my Not-At-All Famous Cookies.  And by “almost” I mean a million times better. 

The  book is filled with mouth-watering recipe creations for training and recovery, all developed by chef-athletes.  Of course I’ve ignored most of the recipes in favour of the treats.  I started with Bridget Batson’s Quinoa Cookies.  They are categorized as breakfast cookies.  That’s right, cookies are a breakfast food.  Told you so Mom and Dad. 

I would post the recipe but I don’t want to get in a copyright war with Runner’s World.  I would share the cookies but I ate them all.  In two days.    

p.s. For the first month I owned this book I totally thought that was a guy on the cover.

Title: LL Cool J – I’m Bad.  1987.

I think I’m dumb or maybe just happy.

Smart?  I food sin.  Sometimes I’ll eat an entire box of Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies and call it dinner.  I know that isn’t Smart.  I know I’m eating a box of refined sugar and fat.  Yummy, chocolately refined sugar and fat.  But what if the marketing geniuses renamed them Smart Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies?  They would they suddenly be good for me, that’s what if.  It must be true, because TV doesn’t lie and commercials tell me if the word Smart is in the product name it must be good for me and the children I don’t have.  I’m only eating Smart stuff from now on.  It’s called My Marathon Diet.  I expect it will shave ten minutes from my PB.

 … etc …     

Title Reference: Nirvana – Dumb. 1993.

It’s not easy being skinny

Photo Credit: mynextrace.com

I recently stumbled across an intriguing article by Joe Henderson on “running your weight“: 

Very few runners ever “beat their weight” in a marathon.  That is, run fewer minutes than their weight in pounds — which requires a 130-pounder to break 2:10 and a 200-pounder to run sub-3:20. 

Over-simplified formulas appeal to me.  That’s why I love Yasso 800s.  To run your weight you take your weight and convert it to a marathon time.  Based on this rule of thumb, the best performance for women would be a lot faster than men.   Husband outweighs me by 50 minutes, I mean pounds.  I certainly don’t outrun him by 50 minutes. 

This formula discriminates against women, the best of whom seldom run within 30 minutes of their poundage.  The fastest woman for her size appears to be Marian Sutton of Britain, who weighed about 140 pounds when she ran 2:28 (a weight-to-time factor of plus-eight). 

The greatest man, pound for pound, probably was Derek Clayton.  The Australian set a world record of 2:08:34 while weighing about 160 — an amazing minus-31 factor.  Much more typical is Bill Rodgers, who PRed at 129 minutes and 128 pounds.

According to her website, Paula Radcliffe is 5’8 and 117 pounds.  Paula’s weight (117) + her lady handicap (30) = 147 or 2.27 (1.57 without the handicap).  Her best (the world’s best) is 2.18.55.  Better than her handicapped time, but not even close to running her weight.  I’m an inch shorter and 7 pounds lighter than Paula.  I should be 7 minutes faster than Paula Radcliffe.  I am not.  My weight + my lady handicap is 2 hours 20 minutes.  In other words, elite speed running.  I am not a 2.20 marathoner.  I am not an elite marathoner.  I’m just built like one.  I am not living up to my genetic potential.  Thankfully I am living up to my couch potato potential.    

I really have only two options.  Speed up so my pace matches my weight or fatten up so my weight matches my speed. 

How close have you come to “running your weight”? 

Title Reference: It’s Not Easy being Skinny – The Fray.

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Things I ate while watching The Biggest Loser Tuesday night:

  • 1/2 large pizza
  • 1/2 red pepper, 1/2 tomato, 1/4 zucchini
  • 1 bowl of cherries
  • 20 stone wheat crackers
  • 2 pieces of licorice
  • one dark chocolate bar
  • 4 cookies

Calories I burned while watching The Biggest Loser Tuesday night:

  • 110.  Mostly in trips to the kitchen. 

Calories I gained while watching The Biggest Loser Tuesday night:

  • I don’t know.  Do not add up the list and tell me.  Ignorance is bliss.  Bliss may not be at racing weight by spring.

Things I wondered while watching The Biggest Loser Tuesday night:

  • Why the” names” of “family members” on the other end of the calls home were captioned in quotes.  Is it so humiliating to have a relative on national TV trying to win a weight loss competition the kin need to go into the witness protection program?
  • How many pieces of Extra Healthy Extra Chewing Gum will fit in an Extra Healthy Ziploc Baggie.
  • If Bob is secretly evil. 
  • Why watching hungry people sweat makes me so damn ravenous.


Title Reference:  Heather Small – Proud, a.k.a. The Biggest Loser Theme Song.