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We never saw nothing but brass taps and oak

I’ve always known I’m pretty lucky to live where I live. Like most who live here, I appreciate this luck in a quiet way. Outside of the odd hockey game, nationalism is on the subtle side. I dig it that way. Who would’ve thought that the one thing other than hockey to stir nationalistic feelings would be four beers and a one mile race?

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So walk like a man, my son

I have a marathon time goal for 2014. I’m usually a bit quiet about my goals, but I’m being a bit bolder this time*. Not because I’m confident, quite the opposite, I’m terrified to even try and I have that queasy feeling in my stomach that I’m setting myself up for a big old failure. I’m cliche-ing myself with nuggets like “it’s better to have tried and failed then to have never tried at all”, but Homer Simpson keeps getting in the way.

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Right round like a record baby

Well, today was a pretty freakin’ sweet marathoning day in Canada. So thrilling I’m using a record number of exclamation marks to write about it!! Continue reading

Still looking for that blue jean baby queen

I am in love with Yoga Jeans by Second Denim. Like second grade “why don’t you marry them”, “maybe I will” in love. In a pinch I could run (for a bus, for my life) in these jeans, but I prefer just to look cute in them. But the Chuck Norris Action Jeans, those jeans have a hidden gusset and won’t bind your legs. Those jeans could withstand a marathon. Continue reading

I’ll be ready

My new(ish) job often keeps me at work late, which means I often miss my club workouts. While my teammates are getting fitter I am getting carpal tunnel. Last night Husband kindly gathered workout gear for me so I could zip straight to the run after work. As I was getting ready (in the car, on a public street, because I have no shame) he realized he forgot to pack one key garment, a garment he wouldn’t normally think to pack – for rather obvious reasons, a sports bra. Continue reading

Do it for your muscles it’ll make them hustle

A tribute to my revival of theĀ Canada Fitness Test, the “one guarantee of physical fitness”, from one of my favourite shows. Continue reading

Can’t find a better man

Off-topic: I recently discovered the Epic Rap Battles of History series. I try to keep this blog on-topic, so I had no reason to post an epic rap battleĀ video instead of real content. Until Mr. Rogers* mentioned sneakers and Cool Runnings. Bingo. Continue reading