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Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father

If I was a good blogger I’d start teasing that I have a big announcement to make, then two days later I’d vaguely mention a new addition to our family, then something about a future runner in the house, then eventually I’d reveal that we got ourselves a puppy. But I’m not a good blogger and I’m not into drawn out announcements with a twist, haha, not pregnant, just a puppy, gotcha.

So yeah, PUPPY! Whippet puppy! Future championship runner (no pressure)! Continue reading


Mix Tape Volume 23

Mix_TapeFound this one in a draft folder from several months ago. I just left a potluck and I’m too full of cheesecake to sit and write, so I’m opting to hit publish. The articles may be dated and irrelevant, the links may be dead, but I feel good for having made another contribution to the Internets. Continue reading

I won’t get to get what I’m after

Sometimes I start typing words into google just to see what the algorithm autofills.

If I type “running is” google recommends:

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They call me on and on across the universe

In February WordPress (my blog host) started tracking country stats.  Since that time, runners from 82 countries have stumbled across this blog.

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Lady luck she was waiting outside the door

I won!

No, not a race. Not the way I’m dragging my sorry chocolate covered almond filled butt around lately. No, not a real award. A blog award. The Liebster Award. Running Farce, a blogger with exceptional talent and good taste, bestowed the honour to My Running Shorts with these moving words: Continue reading

Shut your mouth

Hundreds of YouTube videos can’t be wrong. People say sh!t. Even runners. Especially runners?

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I took in Yonge Street at a glance

It’s getting to close to the end of another year and once the holiday madness is over talk will inevitably turn to the best of and the worst of the last twelve months. This blog will be no exception.

To kick start recap season, I present my favorite video clip of the year – despite initial disappointment. It’s called Toronto Tempo. So I thought it was about running. Continue reading