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Trying to keep up with you and I don’t know if I can do it

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Maybe you wonder where you are

Spring is just around the corner (allegedly, I have yet to see any evidence of winter’s end) and I have three “races” under my belt so far this year. So far this year, I’m secretly disappointed.

I keep reminding myself that I have loads of good and bad excuses: a concussion, an injury, a polar vortex, continued low mileage, training through races, laziness.

The excuses don’t help. I’m still running the same times / slower that I was running last year and the year before. Which kind of sucks.

First up,

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Go together like a horse and carriage

Husband and I recently ran a 5K race with an unusual prize category: spouses.

Truthfully, that category is the only reason we ran the race.

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Autumn winds blow chilly and cold

To become better at running 5Ks I was told I need to run more 5Ks. So I ran two more. I’m a good listener.

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When the moon is in the Seventh House

I do not like 5Ks.

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You’re gonna bring yourself down

I kicked off my spring running season last weekend with a 5K run to a pub. Chili and beer at the finish line. Not a bad enticement for my first* 5K race.

*I suppose that’s not entirely true; I have paid to run the distance three times before, one with friends in a Santa costume, one the day before the Boston Marathon as a leg-loosener and one of those obstacle course mud runs. But I’ve never raced the distance.  Also true, I was a little intimidated to race the distance. I do not fancy myself to be a fast twitch short distance runner.

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