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Running from the paparazzi is great training.

We never saw nothing but brass taps and oak

I’ve always known I’m pretty lucky to live where I live. Like most who live here, I appreciate this luck in a quiet way. Outside of the odd hockey game, nationalism is on the subtle side. I dig it that way. Who would’ve thought that the one thing other than hockey to stir nationalistic feelings would be four beers and a one mile race?

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Do it for your muscles it’ll make them hustle

A tribute to my revival of the Canada Fitness Test, the “one guarantee of physical fitness”, from one of my favourite shows. Continue reading

And four help you through the night

I don’t think much about what I eat. I make a weekly meal plan so I don’t default to grilled cheese every night. I naturally tend towards reasonably healthy and balanced meals. I shop the perimeter of the store, venturing into the aisles for a few prepackaged staples I’m too lazy to make, like pasta sauce. I occasionally eat family sized bags of chocolate covered almonds. By myself. In the time it takes to watch Parks and Rec. Continue reading

Can’t find a better man

Off-topic: I recently discovered the Epic Rap Battles of History series. I try to keep this blog on-topic, so I had no reason to post an epic rap battle video instead of real content. Until Mr. Rogers* mentioned sneakers and Cool Runnings. Bingo. Continue reading

And they’re still running today

I wish I could claim to have found this one my own. I am, however, going to spend the next three evenings on google images looking for more retro running pics, because this is so amazing. Continue reading

Gotta blame it on something

A lot of celebrities run the NYC marathon.  I’ve even heard of some of them. This year famous NYCM runners included singer Mya (6.59.39), athlete Apolo Ohno (3.25.14), model Christy Turlington (4.20.47), and actor/host Mario Lopez. Continue reading

I do believe I’m feeling stronger every day

My parents are moving.  Their home is my childhood storage locker.  Somewhere in the teenage wasteland I left behind lies an exercise secret:  Continue reading