Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father

If I was a good blogger I’d start teasing that I have a big announcement to make, then two days later I’d vaguely mention a new addition to our family, then something about a future runner in the house, then eventually I’d reveal that we got ourselves a puppy. But I’m not a good blogger and I’m not into drawn out announcements with a twist, haha, not pregnant, just a puppy, gotcha.

So yeah, PUPPY! Whippet puppy! Future championship runner (no pressure)!

His registered kennel name needed to start with a V, and so we selected Vitesse, French for speed. Seemed fitting. His fun “call name” (see how I’m learning all the lingo) is even better. It started out as a joke and kind of stuck. I assume this is also how people name their children.

Iggy Pup

You left me alone, prepare for payback.

He’s adorable. He’s also very clever, and adorableness fades so the cleverness is a bonus. He’s hilariously uncoordinated and clumsy, but he still has that whippet speed. And at just 8 weeks is faster than me. I think he might also be mischievous, which means at some point I’ll probably need all new furniture.

Iggy Pooped

Fun fact: whippets can reach speeds of 60km/hour (35 miles/hour), but this little pup was exhausted after cheering on marathoners for three hours. Yes, he already has running gear.

Title: Florence and the Machine – Dog Days Are Over. 2008.


9 responses to “Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father

  1. Aw ww, SO cute! Congratulations!

  2. One of the best running songs…ever. He is adorable. Can’t wait to see pics as he grows!

  3. SO CUTE! If u need tips let me know! I’ve been running with Simba (a Manchester Terrier which is similar to a whippet and almost as fast) for 8 years!

    Have fun and great name!!!

    • A belated thanks for the offer. He’s already faster than every dog in the park – I don’t stand a chance! He’s a natural trail runner, which makes me a happy human.

  4. So I guess that’s it for Running Shorts. Thanks for all the great reads. Enjoy your puppy. And dog. And old dog. Especially the old dog; they’re the best.

  5. That’s really thnkiing of the highest order

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