We never saw nothing but brass taps and oak

I’ve always known I’m pretty lucky to live where I live. Like most who live here, I appreciate this luck in a quiet way. Outside of the odd hockey game, nationalism is on the subtle side. I dig it that way. Who would’ve thought that the one thing other than hockey to stir nationalistic feelings would be four beers and a one mile race?

Behold the new – and did I mention Canadian – Beer Mile champion. James Neilson holds the title as the first to break the seemingly unbreakable 5-minute barrier. He drank 4 beer and ran a mile (beer lap four times) in 4.57. Insane. Move over Bannister, there’s a new boy in a town across the pond.

Such is this accomplishment my friend @AndieTheFitGeek sent me this text the next day, which made me lol for realz.

Title: Spirit of the West – Home for a Rest.


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