I’ll put one foot in front of the other one

I ran a marathon. My tenth, but first one in almost 2.5 years. I was a little nervous and almost pulled out at the last minute, but I’ve got a couple of big races coming up this summer and I knew I could use the test, kick in the butt, and endurance boost. So I somewhat reluctantly ran.

This winter wasn’t the greatest for training. Blah blah polar vortex. You may recall that at one point I was sprawled unconscious on a local road. Truthfully, if Husband hadn’t signed me up, booked the hotel, drove me hours to the race and dragged me to the start line it would not have happened. He’s the best. And then I beat his time on the same course last year by 5 seconds. So he symbolically presented me with the household marathon crown and then found me an actual crown from Burger King at the highway ONroute. Like I said, the best.

So yeah, a 3.11 marathon happened! So yeah, I’m very happy with that time. PB. Big smiles. Chocolate for dinner to celebrate.

You maybe recall my 2014 goal is to qualify for Boston as a man my age (I’m a woman, one tired of hearing how easy it is for women to qualify). I succeeded, but only because of a Boston technicality. So I met my goal, with an asterisk.

*I’m in a new AG for the 2015 race. Boston bases qualifying times on your age Boston race day, not qualifying race day. Under my current age, I didn’t meet my goal (nor was I expecting to do so this spring), but under my age as of race day 2015, I met my goal. I still want to make the standard under my current age. Non-asterisk goal.

I’m pretty proud of this race. I ran smart. I was consistent. I slowed a wee bit in the second half, but I sure didn’t flame out and death march in (a big fear of mine). After 13.1 miles I was passed only three times (and two of those folks I passed back) and I just kept passing people until the very end. So although I lost just over a minute – much of it due to a headwind and late race leg fatigue and my own inability to understand those long and confusing miles – I held on rather well. I also proved to myself that my last marathon wasn’t a fluke (another worry of mine).

Next day I feel pretty great, but my legs are tired. I asked a lot of them, especially considering they didn’t do much in the months leading in to the race. My weekly mileage since January has averaged 65 km / week, or about 1100 km total. For the imperialists, that’s only 40 miles / week, or about 683 miles total.

In other words, not a lot. I know! Insert gasps! And I call myself a runner!
Totally rockin’ the better to be 10% undertrained than 1% overstrained theory though. Quality over quantity. So many platitudes!

I didn’t even look up this stat until after the race, because I knew my mileage was low and I didn’t want the low number to mess with my head. I read all these blogs about 100 km / 100 mile weeks and how anything less will produce sub par results, and miles make champions, and I didn’t want that thought in my head at mile 20.

I secretly still wonder how regular people run so much. Don’t they work? Watch TV?

I do know my next goals will require more mileage and I’m committed to upping it. Indeed, I’m happy for this result on lower mileage because I’m hoping that means I have room to grow, that I haven’t hit the peak of my potential. The start of trail running season easily ups my mileage, so the increase is a given. That said, I do think there is a point of diminishing returns and at my age I will always balance staying injury free and happy over a few more miles. I’m pretty stoked about the coming season and all my race plans. Among those, my non-asterisk goal awaits.

Title: Fun. – One Foot. 2012.


16 responses to “I’ll put one foot in front of the other one

  1. Wow, great PB! Congratulations. You earned it, 40/week during that horrid winter is impressive.

  2. A huge CONGRATS!!!!! 😀 😀

  3. Congrats on a great race…amazing job!

  4. Yay, speedy! I say embrace the technicality since if you were a male you’d have a BQ, right? Or is my reading comprehension off?

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