Everybody’s looking at my tight pants

My cool and in the know friends have been holding out on me. I am never in the know, I don’t even know the know to be in, so I rely on my friends to keep me knowing. I don’t want to publicly call them out for not sharing the know, so I won’t name names, but they sound a lot like @ali_zim, @Fueling4Fitness, and @PostTweetism*.

They recently let it slip that there is a song that may just be the greatest winter running song ever sung. This song beautifully captures the art of wrangling oneself into winter-grade tight tights that leave nothing to the imagination, with confidence and without the bashful need to cover up those tights tights with some loose fitting gym shorts.

This song isn’t new, but until last week no one (by “one”, I mean those souls who sound like @ali_zim, @Fueling4Fitness, and @PostTweetism) thought to send me the magnificent YouTube video.

To make up for this lost time, I watched it 37 times consecutively. It’s a bit hypnotic.

I’m only forgiving them this oversight because they implied that I can expect a full reenactment of the song and dance routine on the sidelines of my next race.

I challenge you to listen to this song on repeat 6 to 10 times and not end up humming it every time you pull on your running tights. It’s impossible.

Title: Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon – Tight Pants Song. 2012.

* Unrelated, but this awesome guy is also the developer of FitFriend – a free running app totally worth checking out, especially if you already run with a phone. It has a familiar sport swatch vibe, built-in split capability, and syncs with programs you may already use, like DailyMile. Basically, you get stuff you can’t get with other running apps, but it is still ridiculously easy to use. Check it out!


2 responses to “Everybody’s looking at my tight pants

  1. Would you consider running race in white tights now that you’ve been exposed to this song?

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