I’ll be ready

My new(ish) job often keeps me at work late, which means I often miss my club workouts. While my teammates are getting fitter I am getting carpal tunnel. Last night Husband kindly gathered workout gear for me so I could zip straight to the run after work. As I was getting ready (in the car, on a public street, because I have no shame) he realized he forgot to pack one key garment, a garment he wouldn’t normally think to pack – for rather obvious reasons, a sports bra.

As one of the gals said, that’s the worst thing to forget, the only thing those of us with lady genes can’t easily go without. I could run in any old shirt, sockless, barefoot even. But braless, never. Unfortunately the regular life bra I wore that day was not up for the rigours of running up and down hills. I briefly considered trying out the non-running bra while employing a maneuver called “the boxer” (using my forearms to support my bosoms – a move I find myself instinctually doing one day a month when Mother Nature screws with me and every bounce is like someone is torturing me for information), but thought better of it. So I finally made it to a workout, but watched from the sidelines.

In related news, Pamela Anderson is running the New York City Marathon. No word yet if she’ll be wearing a bra.

Title: Jimi Jamison – I’m Always Here.


2 responses to “I’ll be ready

  1. Perhaps you should only own sports bras and no “big girl” bras.

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