Mix Tape Volume 23

Mix_TapeFound this one in a draft folder from several months ago. I just left a potluck and I’m too full of cheesecake to sit and write, so I’m opting to hit publish. The articles may be dated and irrelevant, the links may be dead, but I feel good for having made another contribution to the Internets.

Running Joke looks at the evolution of stealing gear from other sports for use in running, from tennis skirts to equestrian braces.

Oh science, you have an explanation for everything, even why it feels like I’m running faster at night!

I like to think Jane Coolis is a faster (understatement), smarter (her degrees aren’t just wall decor), funnier (as evidenced by her blog, I don’t know her IRL) version of me, which is why I may steal her Coolis to the Core workout. Or not, because she’s also a┬áless lazy version of me.

Dave asks, what makes a good coach? But of course, it’s not all about the coach, it also matters if you have championship character and championship character part 2.

More race reporters should come out of retirement to focus on what’s important in a race, Muchachos & Mustachios.

My Ragnar Relay team was all kinds of awesome, but our team theme couldn’t top this one, Team NeverNudes with Olympian Nick Symmonds.

A town is South Africa weeds out job applicants by pitting them against each other in a 4K race. At my speed, I will never work in that town.

Go Tracy Go found an interesting chart showing the average 5K, 10K, 1.2 Marathon and Marathon (plus tri) times from 2009-2012. Are you above average? Suddenly I feel very fast.

Steve in a Speedo presents inappropriate jogging attire. Hint, the no list includes a black turtleneck and chloroform.

A hilarious list of races It’s a dog lick baby world refuses to run, from colour runs to sparkle relays. Some of these “races” aren’t timed. Which on the one hand, seriously, but on the other out of shape hand, hummmm.

A shout-out to my friends and organizers of Toronto Beer Mile and their seasonal beer runs (yes, even in the cold of winter).

A NaNoWriMo challenge and a story about running, starting with Day 1.

New Blog Discovery Bonus Track: I’m not sure how I same across this one, but I recently added it to my goggle reader replacement feedly: Running [Dharma] Bums.


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