Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man

One of my Christmas treats came from my coach as a thank you for a presentation I made at our annual holiday party.

Train hard, play hard

Train hard, play hard

My presentation* was a spin on the admittedly overdone Shit People Say meme, spun to be Shit Coach Says.

The audience seemed to like it, the coach… hard to tell. I’m going with liked.

My favourite part was Husband’s** visual depiction of (some of) our coach’s many NOs.


What not to wear (face obscured to protect the guilty)

Followed by a depiction of the few YESes.


What to wear (face obscured to protect the innocent)

Title: ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man. 1983.

*Do not judge my lame graphics – I put this gem together in the hour between work and the party.
**Do not pity him, he loves this crap.


10 responses to “Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man

  1. Love that pic of husband – I thought we were going to make t-shirts?!?!

  2. no Garmin? what is he wearing then?

    • Timex (but any watch with a basic lap feature is acceptable).

      • too funny! I used to believe that you ain’t a real runner until you have a Garmin…, now I gotta find a new urban-running-myth to believe in:)

        • It was definitely part of my evolution as a runner – took several years before I took the plunge. Now I mostly use it as a log, because I don’t track mileage otherwise. I admit, I don’t always enjoy running with people constantly looking at it and slowing down/speeding up based on what the Garmin says.

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