My socks are never clean

All 656 words in this post are about socks. I have very fussy feet. I waste a lot of money on socks that are too wide, have a seam that is too seamy, loosen and move about after 5 minutes, or , most often, are waaaay bigger than advertised. My theory is that manufacturers have taken to vanity sizing socks, so I buy packaging that says fits a women’s 7-8 but the heel ends up around my ankle. Husband has a lot of “women’s size 7-8 socks” that comfortably fit his men’s 10.5. I have trial and errored countless pairs. These are expensive experiments.

Two years ago I found a pair of Nike socks I loved (although the life span was shorter than average – I think they call that a sales strategy) and as soon as I was hooked they discontinued the line. So the search continued. This summer I finally found a new pair.

The amazing Adidas Adizero Compression sock*. I now own five pairs. Yes I paid $10 a pop. TOTALLY WORTH IT. They are the size they say they are, they do not crumple, move, chafe or sin in any manner. My feet have never been happier.

I purchased two pairs last week with the last of a Christmas gift card and a 30% off thank you coupon to a local running store chain. While stocking up for the inevitable discontinuation or “improvement” on my new favourite socks, I almost bought a different pair of socks to test drive. They were listed at a pricey $16.99, but I had the discount and the gift card and I thought, why not treat myself, I’m worth $16.99.

I went to the cashier to pay and the $16.99 socks rang it at $19.99. I pointed it out the discrepancy to the cashier, who looked at me suspiciously as though I had somehow put my own sticker over the price. I helpfully said that the 20 other pairs on the shelf (I went through them all to find the small) all said $16.99. A second sale associate went to the shelf and came back with an armful of identical socks, all with a $16.99 price sticker. Well, the cashier says, our store policy is that it doesn’t matter what the sticker says, you have to pay what the computer says.

I don’t normally write in acronyms, but my first thought was AYFKM? I politely pointed out that a bait and switch policy like that hardly seemed legal under false advertising rules and all that, but he says oh no, this happened last week on another item and the manager confirmed we always go by computer price. This happened last week? On another item? So there is a pattern of advertising one price and charging another? Nice. $3 may seem insignificant, but it’s nearly 20% extra on socks that already cost a whopping $16.99. Then he adds, it’s not illegal because they are privately owned.

Again, AYFKM? I said even if it’s not illegal it seems a short-sighted business policy, especially in the age of everything being available on-line for a heck of a lot less than they charge. I like to support local business, but the price is already higher than I can find at elsewhere and when they add an extra 20% on top of a price that is already marked up I’m out. They are going to “computer price” themselves out of sales.

In the end he wouldn’t budge and I was past the point of wanting to give them any more of my money, so I bought my last two pairs of amazing socks and left. For $3 they lost a customer who has spent a significant amount of money in their rooms over the years. I wonder what the computer would say about that.

*I paid for all my socks. I am not writing about these socks in exchange for free socks. I’m just so damn pleased I finally found something that works. That’s not to say that I won’t accept free socks if Adidas offers.

Title: Pink – Don’t Let Me Get Me. 2002.


6 responses to “My socks are never clean

  1. When I find socks I like, it is a slice of heaven.

  2. I agree. It’s getting harder and harder to support local businesses when faceless Internet companies provide better prices with similar customer service.

  3. runslikeapenguin

    I like hill running socks. Super padded on the toes. Good socks are hard to find, as are running tops that fit my shoulders

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