Pedal Pushers at a mellow pace

I probably haven’t mentioned this a zillion times, as I tend to keep it to myself, but I hate summer. Maybe it’s the 10 or so times I’ve lost consciousness* due to heat-related illnesses, maybe it is my biological inability to thermoregulate, or maybe it’s all in my head and I need to suck it up, but me and running in anything over 30C will likely always be a problem.

So I found a solution. By found I mean bought.

My first road bike. Such skinny tires. So pretty. So fast. So not pink and flowery, a nearly impossible find.

I named her Babou after Babou, Cheryl’s pet ocelot in the animated sitcom Archer, which is a reference to Salvador Dali’s pet ocelot, also named Babou. I named my bike Babou because of Cheryl’s reply to Archer when he asks the ocelot’s name:

Babou, but it should be Buyer’s Remorse. Stupid thing’s always sick.

I had a wee bit of buyer’s remorse after buying my non-returnable bike. I am not comfortable buying non-returnable things. I bought a wee place to live and had a wee meltdown. The economy is shaky, I shouldn’t spend money on wants, rainy day, save your pennies, and so on. And because I watch Archer with an obsessive frequency, as soon as I said the phrase buyer’s remorse Husband and I immediately yelled Babou. And so she was unreturnably named.

I can’t find the clip, but here is a teaser (Arrested Development fans, recognize the voices?):

* As in pass out and fall down and require medical attention, up to and including packed in ice in a hospital … I was a disaster at my summer job in a car factory, paint is baked on and holy hell that place was hot. So yeah, I seriously do not like hot and humid summers.

Title: Madness – Riding on my bike. 1982.


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