Just like a waving flag

Nike recently unveiled the London 2012 track and field uniforms for Team Canada and they are awesome. I would definitely wear the singlet and shorts (if I looked like Phylicia I would wear her outfit).

Photo Credit: Nike Running Canada as worn by Canadian Olympians: Phylicia George (100m Hurdles), Justyn Warner (100m, 4 x 100m Relay) and Sarah Wells* (400m Hurdles)

According to Nike, the Canadian Track and Field Uniforms incorporate the following innovations (tl;dr** = faster, comfier, greener, lighter):

Zoned Aerodynamics: Just as a golf ball’s dimples are designed to help it go farther and faster, Nike uses a similar idea to help reduce the aerodynamic drag of the athlete. Using revolutionary Nike AeroSwift technology, patterns and surface architectures informed directly by wind tunnel data are strategically placed on key areas of the athlete’s form. The result offers the greatest aerodynamic drag reduction of any Nike uniform to date.
Minimized Distraction: Promoting focus by eliminating distractions, this new generation of Project Swift employs the new technology Nike AeroSwift to keep the interior surface of Nike Pro TurboSpeed as smooth, even and uninterrupted as possible. By placing elastics and edge finishes on the outside of the garment and incorporating an innovative flat, smooth waistband, bulkiness and abrasions are virtually eliminated.
Nike Pro TurboSpeed: Nike’s fastest ever: Based on wind tunnel data, it is up to 0.023 seconds faster over 100m than Nike’s previous track uniform.
Environmental Sustainability: Reflecting the Nike commitment to considered design, Nike Pro TurboSpeed merges sustainability and performance. Uniforms in the Nike Pro TurboSpeed collection use an average of 82 per cent recycled polyester fabric and up to an average of 13 recycled plastic bottles.
Superior Lightweight Performance: Specific products have been developed for distance, sprint, and field events while strategic color blocking is used to visually capture movement. Specifically for women, Nike has developed a new approach to modular support, creating specific solutions for the distance, sprint, and field athlete, each offering a different degree of support and adjustability, and integrating Dri-FIT moisture management and premium quality detailing throughout.

Title: K’naan – Wavin’ Flag. 2009.

*Sarah Wells, a talented athlete who I had the fortune of running with during my time with the Nike run club, is campaigning to help support her final weeks of training leading into London. She’s also posting a series of videos that give an inside look at her training leading into the games. If you are interested in supporting her, check it out.

**I hope I used this correctly. I’m not terribly savvy when it comes to internet shorthand.


4 responses to “Just like a waving flag

  1. Looking spiffy, Canada! I can only dream of ever being able to wear Phylicia’s outfit (as in either qualifying for the Olympics, OR having that kind of body). Ha!

  2. so glad to see they are putting seams on the outside! I have some running things I wear inside out for that very reason – always wondered why no one ever thought of that.

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