Watch the waves as they roll there

Last year I discovered a new (to me) activity: stand up paddleboarding. I took a lesson and I was hooked. Over the Canada Day long weekend we rented boards and spent a lot of time on the waves. That’s why my feet had second degree burns. And now my feet are super tanned and five shades darker than my legs. Totally worth it.

Me, paddling across the lake to Michigan. I didn’t make it.

After just an hour or so I was paddling over half metre swells, which I think is pretty decent for a novice with no background in standing on boards. Sure I fell in about 100 times, but that part was awesome. My freaking amazing sunglasses never once moved, even as I rolled around, under and in knockout waves. Luckily I only crash landed directly on the board once and the resulting bruise on my knee is rather impressive. I like to look tough. Then my leash broke so I got a bonus workout chasing the board up and down the beach and out to sea.

It was a long weekend and a thousand degrees, so the water was packed. I was a bit worried about concussing some unfortunate little kid with my rogue board, but everyone was in such high spirits a little shoutout on my end to watch out because the waves were unpredictably tossing me around like a buoy and folks cleared a path for me while passing along helpful words of encouragement like don’t fall. One group of teens duh-duhed the jaws theme, while the spokesperson screamed SHARK like he’d just been grazed, and another member of their comedy troupe did that shark fin thingy with his hands as he swam by my board. I wasn’t as frightened as they hoped, but I did enjoy the show.

Towards the end of the weekend the lake calmed and we could paddle for hours without a wipe out – which was not as exciting, but presented a great opportunity to work on my jumping, posing, yoga, walking end to end, riding up on shore with falling, and tricks (I discovered I have no tricks).

Plank on a board to build abs of steel from abs of some mushy substance quite unlike steel.

Title: Tragically Hip – All Canadian Surf Club. 1987.


One response to “Watch the waves as they roll there

  1. abs of some mushy substance quite unlike steel
    Ditto 😉

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