Autumn winds blow chilly and cold

To become better at running 5Ks I was told I need to run more 5Ks. So I ran two more. I’m a good listener.

I still do not like 5ks

But I did come tantalizingly close to my poorly kept secret 5K goal, on a long course during this nightmare people call “summer”. Truthfully, I came tantalizingly close during a brief reprieve from the fiery depths of hell, which have risen and encapsulated this city. Three days later, in the midst of the flames, I ran 45 seconds slower but toughed it out while my feet ignited and my heart found a new maximum rate.

A few weeks earlier my coach told me not to focus on age group awards, that I should be running for overall placing. I’ve won lots of age group awards, but not so many that I don’t get giddy by winning another one — and so I replied with a ridiculously wide-eyed innocence that is only befitting the Kelly Kapowskis of the world, but I just love getting any award! Because seriously, I still basically view myself as a hobbyjogger and hobbyjoggers don’t win awards. A rambling point to say, I finished second in both those 5K races. My 5K times are still rather hit or miss, so I’ll happily take the confidence boost when it presents, as my dose of humility is probably at the next finish line.

I’m cautiously optimistic (that’s code for not as pessimistic as usual) that my 5K goal is reachable, even without the aid of 1.5K straight downhill. I just need to patiently wait out the reign of the oppressive fire ball. 75 days until September.

Title: Simon and Garfunkel – April Come She Will. 1966.


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