Day by day I’m feeling stronger

You may recall that about six months ago I did something new. I started running with a coach and his club. You may recall that I was a little bit nervous about running with a coach and his club.

Six months later I’ve already made improvements in my running, I’m working on fixing my form, I’ve met encouraging new running buddies who are too nice to comment on my off-putting tendencies toward heavy breathing and allergy-induced nose-running, and I’m just generally enjoying the workouts – even the ones that make me groan something that sounds like not again.

But I still get nervous before each run. I often doubt my ability to complete the workout. I do it, but before I start there’s that niggling “can I do it” question. Like this week at the track we were doing mile repeats and Coach gave me a time that seemed fast (for me) and I said something like, I’m not sure I can to do that, to which he dryly replied good thing you’re not the coach. And then I ran. And I ran the time he gave me. And it’s kind of nice to have someone around who knows what I can do better than I know what I can do. Because I still get nervous. And I still have niggling doubts.

Title: Doug and the Slugs – Day by Day. 1984.


2 responses to “Day by day I’m feeling stronger

  1. I get the ‘can’t’ dreads too. I try to shut them up with the ‘bloody cans’!

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