I’ve got my orange crush

My least popular posts are the ones in which I write about my latest unnecessary running purchase. You’ve been warned.

This time it’s another pair of my favourite shorts – the only ones that do not ride up or create a horrid muffin top or puff like a full diaper or fall down mid interval or do anything else annoying. They are the Lululemon Run Speed Short. This is not a sponsored ad – I overpaid for them with my own money. I  bought the ones in my team colour. Orange. Bright orange. The Lulu folks call it Dazzling Orange.

This is not me. This is me minus several pounds. With paler legs.

Some of you may be reluctant to cover your ass in a super short dazzling orange target. I was a little reluctant to do so. But if you wear a super short dazzling orange target in a race you’ve got to bring it. You can’t buy that kind of motivation.

Well, technically you can. For the price of a pair of dazzling orange shorts.

Title: REM – Orange Crush. 1988.


3 responses to “I’ve got my orange crush

  1. I don’t have them in orange, but I too love those shorts. And every so often they go on sale. And I rejoice.

    • I uncharacteristically paid full price, but for sure this colour will go on sale in a couple of months. I will not rejoice. Unless they are out of my size. Then I will applaud my good decision.

  2. Where do you buy these shorts from? kendallnatasha@yahoo.com.au

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