Took the pictures off the wall

My blank walls have been staring at me for far too long, so yesterday Husband and I headed to the local arts shop to frame a cool print we bought in celebration of the Charleston Marathon. While at the store we bought a second piece, one I’ve been eyeing up for a while and I made some inquiries into another series of prints I’m interested in buying. Noticing a bit of a pattern, the proprietor asked if we liked graphic text art. My answer was a definite yes. I quite like words.

He showed us some of his own creations then pointed me to a fantastic website called Tagxedo where I could create my own graphic text art based on the theme of my choosing. My chosen theme is running. The Tagxedo learning curve is about 3 minutes and in 15 minutes I created these running-themed “masterpieces” mostly using default settings.  Imagine what I could do with an hour*.

This is exactly how I look when I run.

This is exactly what I think when I run.

Nike has not paid me for this marketing (but I'll take money or goods in kind if they offer).

Can you find the word in the shoeprint cloud of words? If you can't ... I'm a little worried about you.

That guy in last place is jumping and doing the #1 finger point in the air. Last is the new first.

The end.

*Or what I will probably do with the next 4 hours.

Title: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Where’d You Go? 1991.


4 responses to “Took the pictures off the wall

  1. that’s a cool find. even if their form isn’t quite right.

    belated thanks for the clif package. i keep forgetting to email to let you know i got it (like a week ago)…

  2. Those are awesome!

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