Anybody hear the forest fall

Yesterday I received some interesting news. I’m not sure what I mean by interesting. Maybe it was just news. It was interesting to me, but may not be interesting to you. Before revealing the news, some context to pique interest. I grew up in a rural region. I love the great outdoors. I adore trail running. One of my 2012 goals is to run 1/4 of the Bruce Trail (in fits and starts). I am now the co-race director for a trail running series of races. I am in talks to become an ambassador for a provincial hiking association. My favourite book is A Walk in the Woods. All that to say I spend a lot of time enjoying nature. Nature including trees.

Yesterday I went for allergy testing – the skin prick test followed by the allergy blood test to confirm the diagnosis.

Results: I am highly allergic to trees*.

*According to Allergic Living in their handy article Trees That Make You Sneeze, “Allergy sufferers in Southern Ontario, Quebec, and the northeastern U.S. have a bevy of pollinating trees to avoid. Ottawa allergist Dr. Mortimer Katz says birch, elm, maple, oak and poplar are some of the worst offenders. More bad news: if you react to one of those trees, you’re more likely to “cross-react” and develop symptoms to some of the others. An area stretching up the northeastern U.S. into southern Ontario which includes Pittsburgh and Toronto is particularly bad, thanks to prolific grasses, trees and ragweed.”

Title: Bruce Cockburn – If a Tree Falls. 1990.


8 responses to “Anybody hear the forest fall

  1. Nothing beats running in the woods, We have abeautiful trail located here also that is a blessing to run on


  2. Well, mind that you’re not allergic to all the trees, right?! just pick the better (i.e. coniferous) forest and run off the pollen season, you will be fine. You’re smart, you will figure it out!
    I struggled with allergies for years, and trust me, there must be a solution to that! ,

  3. I hear this is how the Lorax got his start.

  4. fatformerrunner

    If this is a scheme to get medical clearance to dope up before a trail race, well played indeed.

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