It just don’t seem fair; he’s still a gorilla

New year’s admission: I like cheesy run slogans and mantras and quotes. 

I recently stumbled across* hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, which speaks to my talentless genes. A low mileage runner, in 2012 I’m resolving to embrace miles make champions as my inspirational quote. During a pep seminar before the Boston Marathon an elite runner shared her keep it together mantra and I’ve since stolen it for my own use. I think it works better for her. Yesterday, this gem crossed my desk. It’s my new training motto.

I haven’t quite figured out what the gorilla represents, but I have a lot of miles to work it out.

*I think I read it in a race report, but I can’t give a proper shoutout as I’m old and have source amnesia.

Title: James Taylor – Gorilla. 1975.


9 responses to “It just don’t seem fair; he’s still a gorilla

  1. I know it was from Angry Runner. But I’m too lazy to go further than that.

  2. I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’m off to listen to some James Taylor albums.

  3. I get some mantra ideas from Tumblr running blogs. I think this one is run by a kid who runs HS cross country.

    I keep it simple with the “sí se puede” (you can do it/yes you can) or “just 5 more minutes.” That helps.

  4. The gorilla is riding the bicycle next to you while you run.

    Must I explain everything to you people?

    • I hope gorillas are good bike riders because I don’t need a primate with poor bike skills swerving into me when I’m too tired to jump out of the way. It never ends well when kids on their first two-wheeler do it.

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