Mix Tape Volume 21

Around this time last year I started the mix tape.  The original goal was to post a new mix weekly, but sporadically seems to suit me better. I can’t be confined by a calendar.  This week is the best yet.  (Like every good reality TV show, I’m going to make this promise every week).

He calls this the worst long run ever and I agree, that’s not hyperbole.  I was scared just reading it.  My only questions is why the hell did he go back? 

In GPS we trust.  Over-trust.  Seriously, runners threaten to sue over race length disagreements or demand that their official times be adjusted.  I can’t tell you how many “the official results say blah but this was my real time” stories I’ve read, except that the number is too many.  Perhaps GPSes should be banned from races.   Or runners could take the time to learn how courses are measured and how a GPS measures distance.  Banning is probably easier.

Just as I take on the challenge of race directing (actually co-directing an amazing series of 7 races), I Like Margarine posts a helpful Festivus List of Race Grievances.  If my races have no finish line would that address grievance 8?

I’ve had run ins with wolves.  One for real and one imagined.  Now confirmed, an Alaskan teacher out for a run was mauled to death by a pack of wolves.  According to The Sun, these attacks are rare and mostly occur in Russia and Canada.  Oh dear.  To the latter.

I’ve worked race water tables.  The water often comes straight from the hydrant into brand new toxic smelling cups.  Among the very long list of complaints coming from the Las Vegas marathon is tainted hydrant water.  If that’s true, oh boy.

Kate Gosselin (I’ve never watched the show yet I know exactly who she is, damn you media for infiltrating every neuron in my brain) ran the Las Vegas Marathon.  In 4.59.21.  Her shirt said finishing is winning.  I don’t think that’s true.  Finishing first is winning.  The rest is just finishing.  Even though finishing is finishing isn’t as catchy.

The Biggest Loser marathoners have inspired host Alison Sweeney to run a marathon.  She’s running the LA marathon in March.  I wonder if she will be the first of the bunch to go sub 4 hours.  Have any of the trainers run a marathon?

My love affair with winter would be tested in Sweaty Kid’s neighbourhood.  I haven’t had to dive into snowbanks to avoid a plow since I was in high school.  I’m not sure I’m limber enough to get back out.

Few of the runners I encounter seem to be in the moment.  Many seem to be in the middle of some hated chore, logging miles to ward off middle age spread.  Figuring It Out has a lovely way of describing the feeling of being present in the moment and in the run.  I wish I was a bit better at it.

Why is running so whiteSome thoughtful commentary on the Runner’s World article.

The Courage of Lungs found a timely marathon to profile – it’s a Texas-sized holiday double! A New Year’s Ever – New Year’s Day marathon/half marathon/5K.  I think want to run a local new year’s double, a 5K/9K option – with a polar bear dip at the finish.

Bonus Track*: Nicole Forrester – The Olympian Blog. She’s preparing for London 2012, is a PhD candidate in sport psychology, and is trying to have some sort of life.  I don’t how she does it.  I couldn’t even juggle PhD studies, recreational running, a life, and housework.

*New for Mix Tape 21 – the bonus track features a blog that some of you may enjoy reading.  This week’s blog is new to me, but I loved it as soon as I read that she scooped up all the social media handles with her name because she shares that name with a stripper and she didn’t want the stripper to take the name first.


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