I married me a wife, she’s been trouble all my life

Yesterday I left to meet my run group a bit earlier than Husband (because he forgot his watch and being the supportive spouse that I am, I didn’t want to wait around in the cold for him to retrieve it).  I ran along on my own, trying not to get hit by a car at the “crosswalk’ (i.e. the flashing overhead lights that signal to cars to speed up to beat the pedestrians attempting to cross the street) while wondering if the coach was going to torture me make me stronger with another set of crazy 8s. 

I figured I’d hear Husband’s footsteps as he caught up.  On my route I ran past a very friendly busker playing a recorder outside the LCBO.  People with alcohol are very giving.  The busker yelled out “happy holidays” as I ran by and I happily waved back.  Unbeknownst to me, Husband was about ten steps behind.  As I was oblivious to Husband’s presence, there would be no reason to assume that we were running together.  I gave not even the smallest backward glance.  As Husband ran past the same friendly busker the guy laughed and called out, “can’t keep up with the wife, eh buddy?”.   

He couldn’t have known we were together, nevermind married.  A clairvoyant heckler.  Awesome.  And a little freaky.

Title: The Grateful Dead – Cold Rain and Snow. 1967.


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