Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted

On Halloween I dressed as a slutty sexy runner* and went for a run.  My sexy runner costume and come-hither “catch us if you can” t-shirt was accessorized by the four men that surrounded me.  We trotted around this town’s ritzy neighbourhood to see it done up graveyard style.  It’s the only time of the year those giant gates are open and the wonders behind the extensive security systems revealed.  They impressed with giant blow-up decorations, costumed door greeters, strobe lights and offerings of candy and beer.    

*So yeah, I just wore my regular running clothes; but once a year I get to call my short shorts a costume (as AR recently discussed, if you add the word slut to an outfit you’ve got a Halloween costume).  What I didn’t think to wear was a bikini top and cutoffs.  Or even easier, going shirtless.  There’s always next year.

Title: The Doors – People are Strange. 1967.


5 responses to “Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted

  1. Remember, the hat is key. You have to have a hat to make it abundantly clear you are a runner.

  2. I keep thinking someday you’ll surprise us and post a photo of yourself. That would be fun. Doesn’t have to be topless, even.

  3. Le bon réflexe : un bon petit-déjeuner, riche en protéines pour éviter les fringales
    et tenir toute la journée (alléger les repas suivants).

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