Mix Tape Volume 17

Ahh, Labour Day. Or if you are my iPhone autocorrect, Labor Day. Time to relax and catch up on some cool running stuff around the interwebs, helpfully compiled by me. You’re welcome.

Women, some people believe, only run when pregnant to stay thin. I’ve always suspected skinny vanity is what keeps Cheaper than Therapy running through her pregnancy. Seriously though, Katie links to the original sources and adds her own thoughtful commentary on running in pregnancy and “mommyrexia”.

On a note related to women and their vanity, apparently a lot of women do not exercise because they don’t want to mess up their hair. When I read stuff like this I’m glad my hair skills begin and end with “messy ponytail”.

Continuing on the topic of vain women, a recent study concludes that both the husband and the wife are happier with the marriage when the wife is thinner than the husband, as measured by BMI. I know that’s why my marriage is so fab.

I’ve had a rough summer. I have a lot of excuses. But it all comes down to this: your training doesn’t lie.

A Canadian politician recently passed away (for the non-Canadians, he was the Leader of the Official Opposition) and so I didn’t pay much attention another death around the same time. Amby Burfoot’s article on famed marathoner John J. Kelley is lovely.

Readers of this blog will notice I rarely give advice. Knowers of me in real life can not escape my advice giving. Running is Funny has the best advice I have ever read: believe nothing.

Have you ever lied about a race time? Maybe people don’t realize that, unless you race under a pseudonym, you can’t hide the truth. Still, some try to lie about race times. What’s the point?

What is worse than a DNF? A DNS. So far I’ve escaped all four letters.

Some days I’m reminded that I am fortunate Husband and I are so running compatible. It does take time, it does take attention, and it does take money, and it would be a great deal more difficult it my partner wasn’t supportive.

Some nifty stats on runners. How do you compare?

Ahh, hill repeats. I secretly love them, but I can relate to the urge to run up the hill with both middle fingers pointed straight up.

Running. It’s true, not all addictions are bad for you.

Home run? Someone more entrepreneurial than me came up with this clever idea, caddy the bags so people can run home from work unencumbered. I wonder what it costs?

The world’s oldest marathoner, at 100, is running Toronto Waterfront this year. He claims ginger curry and copious amounts of tea keep him going. I have the copious amounts of tea part nailed. I better start saving for my extended retirement.


4 responses to “Mix Tape Volume 17

  1. I would like to have mommyrexia, but that sounds like a lot of work.

  2. It’s an uphill battle, I tell you…. to, you know, act like it’s business as usual after the first repeat.

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