I think you’ll get with this, for this is where it’s at

Now that The Ex is in town I know it means that summer is nearly over. Hallelujah.  It also means I should make some sort of race decision.  21.1K or 42.2K?  Which one?  With about 8 weeks left, my training to date could easily branch into either distance. 

Fork in the Road, Photo Credit: JK York (http://www.redbubble.com/people/jkyork)


  • I need a do-over for the Boston that should have been a PB but was a pathetic train wreck.
  • If I wanted to run Boston next year, which I do not, I’ve already BQed in an early registration wave, so no worries about getting in. If I cared. Which I do not.
  • I want to break my half marathon rut.  In the last two years I’ve finished each one within a minute of the other ones.
  • I want to break my marathon rut.  8 marathons so far, 12 minute spread.
  • I could run multiple half marathons.
  • I could not run a marathon before late October.
  • I could run 1-2 half marathons as tune-up races for the marathon.
  • I could race both distances, with proper scheduling.
  • I hate hot/humid weather. Hate.  5C, <50% humidity = perfection.
  • I like a bit of elevation variation, aid stations every 3K, and small fields.

Possible Races:

There is a downside to the lavish menu.  Decision-making.  I need some perspective.  Any recommendations/suggestions?*

*The bolded text and change in font colour emphasizes the seriousness of this plea.
Title: Black Sheep – The Choice is Yours. 1991.


6 responses to “I think you’ll get with this, for this is where it’s at

  1. I share your hatred if heat and humidity, and I am with you on STWM. I want to love it, but I have been chewed up and spit out by it every time I’ve run. The new, later date might help, but I am a little gun-shy now.

    I do, however, highly recommend Road2Hope – I did the marathon last year and have nothing but good things to say about it. Of course, I would feel differently if I got stopped by the train…

  2. I ran the Island Girl last year and had a great time. The breeze coming off the lake helps keep it cool(er) and it’s a pretty course. As I recall, aid stations were frequent enough. It’s a very flat course though, and lots of long straightaway-ish sections, so it doesn’t have quite the variety you’re looking for. Still, very scenic.

  3. I ran Niagara many years ago and, although my race was terrible (just a really bad day!), I really enjoyed the course. There’s something very cool about a race that requires you to provide your passport when you register. I’ve never run Island Girl, but I’d like a t-shirt that says Island Girl… That said, I plan on running the Road2Hope this year (I’ve not run it before). Would be happy to carpool with you if you decide to go for that one!

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