Someday I’ll be 18 goin on 55

Another 5 Peaks trail race under my shoes. This time in Terra Cotta.

Naturally I fancied myself a Terracotta Warrior and channeled that energy into my race.

Unfortunately I forgot that the army is made of clay and my legs felt like cumbersome terracotta anchors* weighing me down. Maybe it was the lighthouse run Tuesday. Maybe it was the hill workout Wednesday. Maybe it was the track workout Thursday. Maybe I am out of shape. Probably I am out of shape. It is my summer hibernation, after all.

This course is rooty and trippy, but not overly technical. The kicker? There was too much downhill running. I am a hopeless downhill runner. My movements become measured yet skittish and I worry that I can’t keep up to my legs. Worry makes me overly cautious. Over-caution makes me clumsy. It’s the classic vicious circle. I scare myself with daydreams of my cannonballed body rolling down hill at top speed. Breaking critical bones along the way. I am slower going down than up. There are few things more demoralizing than being passed on a downhill slope.

The most exciting moment on the course was a near toe impaling by a very determined hiker with poles.  As she weaved and then slammed down her pole -with all her might- to gain some traction on the hill she missed my favourite little piggy by a measurement of millimetres.  I saw my upcoming marathon flash before my eyes.  She was very apologetic.  I was very forgiving.

The highlight of my day was passing a woman (that’s not the highlight, she passed me later) and having her ask me my age group. I didn’t tell. It was too early in the race to matter. She went on to win a very young age group and I thought, seriously, a teenager (maybe 20-something, the details are under debate) thought she might share an age group with me? Ha. Highlight. This is better than being asked for ID. Which never happens to me anymore. Oh, and I placed in my considerably older age group. Despite my lead terracotta legs. I should disclaim that I’m not fast … it was a very small race. I don’t care; I’ll take it.

*Yes, I can google and I know that terracotta is far lighter than other stoneworks. It still looks heavy in warrior form.

Title: Bryan Adams – 18 ’til I Die. 1996.


2 responses to “Someday I’ll be 18 goin on 55

  1. Considering the warriors are something like 7/8ths scale, I think it’s safe to say that they’re quite heavy and your metaphor works.

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