The weather is hot and girls are dressin’ less

This weekend I practiced my Baywatch beach running.  A mere 7K on the shores of Lake Huron.  Running in slow motion is decidedly more difficult than it looks on TV.   Trying to do so with one’s wavy hair bouncy enticingly about one’s deeply tanned shoulders is even more difficult.  In temperatures reportedly reaching 46C* (with humidex), one’s sweat-drenched locks are plastered to one’s painfully sunburned forehead and one’s slow motion running resembles the drunken stumbling of a heat stroke victim.   

*That’s about 114F for the Imperialists.

Title: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime. 1991.


5 responses to “The weather is hot and girls are dressin’ less

  1. kathleen malone

    this past weekend was BRUTAL for running; cold weather running is SO much better and easier (even WITH the snow, ugh did i say that, lol)

  2. That concludes me to believe that they cheated and used the magic of slow-motion technology…. Or maybe it was a robot …. Or maybe it was dri-fit hair if that actually existed.

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