I walk the line

Most Sundays I end my long run with my run club at a local coffee serving watering hole.  It’s a chance to rest, refuel, and avoid the always growing list of errands.  The conversation topics are varied and entertaining and I never fail to leave without a hearty laugh.  Last weekend the chatter turned, as a chatter is apt to do, to tightrope walking. 

My contribution to this discussion was a comment on my certainty that I have untapped potential as a tightrope walker — if my fine balancing skills were not hampered by an adult onset fear of heights.  But on a tightrope impressively close to the ground I could be great.  Hilariously, one friend commented that he would fall off the rope the moment he looked at his Garmin to see if he was on pace.

Title: Johnny Cash – I Walk The Line.  1956.


3 responses to “I walk the line

  1. Hilarious! I do sometimes wonder though, what we might be able to do if we weren’t always so busy looking at our darn Garmins…

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