Making me feel glad that I’m not you


According to Wikipedia, the word derives from Schaden (adversity, harm) and Freude (joy).  Deriving pleasure from the misfortunes of others.  

I’m sure we’ve all felt in on occasion.  Although we may never admit it. 

You may have felt it when I imploded during the Boston Marathon.  Although you may never admit it. 

It’s okay.  Schadenfreude happens.

Author’s Note. I did not steal this blog idea/video link from Angry Runner.  Honest.  I wrote this post shortly after Boston, but left it in my draft folder.  I wanted to wait until a couple of weeks passed so it didn’t seem bitter.  Now it just seems plagiarized. 

Title: Avenue Q Soundtrack – Schadenfreude. 2003.


8 responses to “Making me feel glad that I’m not you

  1. Ok, I peaked in your draft folder. I AM A FRAUD.

  2. This has been one of my favorite words for years. Any competitive runner with a blog who lacks a grim appreciation for schadenfreude is either not trying hard enough at running to risk failing or not being honest enough on his or her blog to make it worthwhile. I always assumed everyone quietly got off on the self-immolating race reports posted to my Web site of yore, even though this wasn’t why I wrote them. I should dig that shit up…

    • I promise to loudly get off if you dig that shit up.

      • Here’s a nice snippet from March of 2002:

        I know you’ve heard this kind of rancor and ichor before, from others if not from me. But without being the least bit grandiose, I can make the “I SUCK!” claim more accurately and emphatically than anyone in the history of this worthless “sport.”

        I could offer up a lot of reasons and plausible excuses for this, along with vague speculation that the condition is temporary and reversible, but let’s just stick to the facts. The amount of time and energy I put into running has always been far out of proportion to any rewards, but this imbalance has now become an outright joke. So I’m going to run next week’s 50K and the Boston Marathon, probably with all the grace and aplomb of a retarded goose, and then I can finally quit.

        I love running and always will, and nothing beats a nice romp along the river with Komen alongside. But enough of this futility. Without some other race on the horizon, I can put myself in de facto lockdown away from other misguided people who blither and dither about times, speeds, and distances, and finally finish the things that might actually provide lasting and tangible rewards.

  3. I have Shadenfreude listed under my “religious views” on Facebook.

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