It’s been a long cold lonely winter

Ahh, Spring.  In the deep of winter the word reminds me that eventually I will be fast(er) again.  That my feet will be dry again.  That my fingers will have feeling again.  That my laundry pile of running gear will be more of a molehill than a mountain. 

Spring has sprung.

The grass, as they say, really is greener. 

With Spring comes joggers.   In winter the few other hearty souls braving the windchill always wave, smile, or nod in acknowledgement of our shared pain, toughness, committment.  In spring the joggers return and suddenly the running community seems less friendly.  No knowing nods.  Just blank stares as the passing runners attempting to lose ten pounds of winter weight pretend that avoiding eye contact means they can’t see anyone else on the trail.

With Spring comes allergies.  The kind that makes your eyes itch, your chest tighten and your nose run like a powerful waterfall until it becomes bright red and chapped from over-wiping and your co-workers start to wonder about your extra-curricular activities.

With Spring comes strollers.  Not the baby kind.  The slow walking mob kind.  The kind that will watch you run towards them but will remain eight abreast in a human force field giving you no option but to leave the path into the swampy mud because they are too busy smoking, talking on their cell phone, and/or making-out to be bothered to share the trail.  The kind that would be unable to walk in a straight line if Ed McMahon was waiting twenty metres away with a giant cheque just for them if they managed move forward for 20 seconds without swerving randomly in an impossible to pass way. 

With Spring comes dogs.  Cooped up indoors all winter the owners let Precious run free because don’t worry he’s super-friendly and would never bite you as he uses your expensive tights as a climbing post and drools all over your expensive sneakers.

I think I have spring fever.  The cranky kind of fever.  Is it Autumn yet? 

Title:  The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun.  1969.


15 responses to “It’s been a long cold lonely winter

  1. Winter is too long!!!!!!!! Thankgod for spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I have nothing to ask but that you would remove to the other side, that you may not, by intercepting the sunshine, take from me what you cannot give. – Diogenes

  3. That’s so true about spring runners. So true. And there are so many of them!

  4. Oh, NAILED it with that paragraph on the running community getting diluted with spring joggers who weren’t there to hoof through it with you in the winter. So on point.

  5. Just bring the hot summer temps. That will make all those people go back inside.

  6. Hehehe…I just laughed out loud in a silent office!! Couldn’t agree more.
    Had one of those face to face encouters with a jogger yesterday – go to say hello, she turned and did that ‘i’m concentrating so intently I honestly never saw you’ moves. Why is that?
    As for the ankle-biting dogs, I guess they’re “just playing”!

  7. I couldn’t quite figure out what was with all the rude runners I encountered this weekend, this blog post explains it all! And why is it that spring means the four abreast mobs suddenly double and then always make some comment about runners as you try and pass???

  8. This post just makes me really glad I live in Nova Scotia! Here, spring just means people are happy to be out and about and therefore friendlier – most times anyway.

    • I am very rural N.S. and mainly run in the woods or a road that leads to no where important. Everyone I meet is definitely friendly!
      I can’t imagine dealing with 8 abreast although I have had the “friendly” dogs.

  9. I feel like a curmudgeon – yelling get off my lawn, fists a-shaking.

  10. I will join you in the calling out the ‘fairweather runners’. I nod/wave at most runners but your percentage of return nod/waves are only in the high 80% range during late October to early March. I, for one, am glad to pay my dues on the trails 12 months a year.

    Okay, I’m still nice at all runners, just annoying.

    I thought it was too early for allergies, but after running in High Park, I was non-stop sneezing for better part of the day. I’d rather fast forward April and get to, say, May 14th.

  11. Sherry Zarins

    Cute… and so true!

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