I ain’t no fortunate one, no

A long long time ago in 2010, mortal marathoners who cared about such things would add “Boston Qualifier” to their running credentials.  Runner, BQ

That cute little BQ is no longer adequate.  Now the BQers have been sliced and diced into finer categories.  Mortal marathoners who care about such things will want to differentiate themselves from the pack.   Runner, BQ, wave one

Now if asked did you qualify, the follow-up question will be which wave, and the follow-up follow-up question will be are you registering?  The answer to the third may be related to the second.  And maybe not in the way you think.  

The new Boston registration hierarchy:

  1. Elite: Too fast to care; will run if someone pays their way.
  2. Sub-Elite: Also too fast to care; may run if someone pays their way or may prefer to find a smaller race they can win.
  3. BQ – wave one (sub-20 min): Probably been there and done that and the other marathon majors await, but see #4 below for the annoying one-time exception to the rule.
  4. BQ – wave two (sub 10-min): Obligated to run, at least once, under the new system to demonstrate athletic prowess despite the tougher standards.
  5. BQ – wave three (sub 5 min): Eager to run under the the harder something is to get the more you want it principle of desirability.  Like hazing.
  6. BQ – wave four (everyone else): Very eager to run (see #5), but add it’s an honour just to be nominated qualify and dress them in the newly released “qualifier” gear.
  7. BQed under the old system: Meet the old but not the new standards.  With fast typing fingers had a solid shot at running in the olden days.  May purchase the qualifier gear as a statement of protest.

Title: CCR – Fortunate Song.  1969.


2 responses to “I ain’t no fortunate one, no

  1. It’s potentially going to be a shameful thing to say ‘ya, I ran Boston…as a wave four runner. I’d almost rather be saying I ran under a charity. Almost.

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