Weekend Mix Tape Volume 10

Another week, another mix tape.  Just a  few this week.   A mixed “cassingle”.  Seriously, remember those?  If you want/need more, check out Mix Tapes 1-9

Whoopsie.  Adidas messes up the Boston Marathon jacket.  Related story: Boston jacket sale!  

Those crazy running dreams.  Like showing up at a race naked late.

Signs a house is occupied by runners.  Check, check, check, check ….

Stunt running by eating.  Only at McDonald’s.  For the 30 days before your race.  McRunner (not my name for him, his name for him) wisely recommends you “don’t try this at home”.  Or, I presume, at McDonald’s.   Follow every bite and mile.

I’ve made the near fatal prerun mistake of eating like a python.  Assuming pythons eat a dozen chocolate chip cookies before a hill training workout.


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