Weekend Mix Tape Volume 9

All running and no reading makes a runner fast dull.  Enjoy.

A car deliberately tries to run down a group of cyclists.  Like everything these days, it was caught on tape.  Mais amore, menos motor.  #Notanaccident

Found, one famous waffle iron.  Or an old rusty hoax.   Waffles.   Now I want #pancakes.

Mark Remy scores an exclusive interview with the robot marathon winner.  Thanks to keen programmers, no walls were hit in the running of this marathon.  #tigerblood

A recent study found that Americans are fatter than Canadians.   Canadians are quite fat.  Americans are fatter than Canadians.  Therefore Americans are fatter than quite fat?  #weightwars

Do it yourself gear for when you just can’t get what you want in the store.  Like FuelBelt banana holders.  #thingsnooneneeds

Is any mile ever a junk mile?  What if your poop is high and your rudder deep?  #oxfordvswebster

The Canadian men announce their fall marathon plans and a 36 year record holder gets worried.  #youngguns

Anyone can run with their dog, but your cat may have untapped marathon potential.  #stupidpettricks

Man runs Toyko Marathon while streaming the 6.5 hour odyssey on an assortment of Apple made gadgets, including on iPad monitor strapped to his back.  Oh, and that guy from the Chilean mine ran it too, 30 minutes fast than in New York.   But he didn’t live tweet along the way.  #luddite.

Man will attempt to solve 100 Rubik’s cubes will running the London Marathon.   It takes him 31 seconds to solve one cube.  That’s less than an hour of puzzle solving time for a four hour marathoner.  His potential is at least 400.  #underachiever.

Ron Hill’s road to the London Olympics.  First step, a sub 60-minute 10K.  #longshot

Comfortable is in, over/under/neutral is out.  Someday our shoeless descendants will curiously look at those over-structured shoes on display in a local museum and say no wonder it took them hours to run -or win- a marathon.  #winningwarlock


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