Don’t go near the water

I always thought water was a reasonably healthy beverage selection.  Lots of good stuff (water), no not-so-good stuff (things I can’t spell). 

My confession: I drink tap water.  I know, no added vitamins, energy boosters, and fruity colours.  Hold your gasps.  It never occurred to my how deficient nature is in this regard. 

This could be the missing piece in my slow-twitch puzzle.  If I want to be a skinny fast runner I should drink Skinny Sport Water.  All the goodness of water and more.  More chemicals yes, but skinny sporty chemicals.  With four sport flavours (blue fit, pink power, green active, red shape) to suit your sporty needs.  0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 sodium, 0 guilt.  Only natural flavours found in fruits and vegetables.  And given that there are no sugars or calories, probably no fruits or vegetables.  But there is a wee bit of sucralose and Ace-K as sweetners.  And patented extracts.  Sounds deliciously refreshing.

Title: The Beach Boys – Don’t go Near the Water.  1971.


2 responses to “Don’t go near the water

  1. No fruits or veggies were harmed in the making of this water.

  2. I like how the bottle art even shows the curvature of a what a normal skinny figure should look like. They could go one step further and give her a nice bony clavicle on top.

    A doctor once told me more he wished more people drank tap water, because the good minerals are all filtered out of bottled water. I guess in this case, they’re filtered out and then better ones are filtered back in. It’s almost too easy.

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