Can’t buy me love

I did something impulsive. 

I bought new shoes. 

In about ten minutes. 

And by new I mean a new brand

My previous shoe-buying record was 60 minutes, one exchange, 60 minutes.

And I ended buying the new model of my old shoes.

Like the princess sleeping on the pea, my picky feet do not readily find comfort imprisoned in shoes.

Thank you Mizuno for “improving” the model I have worn for the last three years.

My picky feet rejected the “improvement” before I even tied the laces.

I switched brands with 80 days to go before Boston.


Title: The Beatles – Can’t Buy me Love.  1964.


7 responses to “Can’t buy me love

  1. That’s what I call swift justice. Almost feel bad for Mizuno. Almost.

  2. So… will you tell us who the lucky brand is?

  3. Visited your site through Reddit. You know I am subscribing to your rss.

  4. Balls! I hate shoe updates! (Basically had a FIT when the latest model of Nike Pegasus came out… it felt way too different).
    What’d you switch to?

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