Friday’s Mixed Tape Volume 2

Another lazy Friday (i.e. I’m too lazy to write stuff and instead piggyback on the labour of others) brings you another ‘mixed tape’ of links to cool running stories that I read on the Internets in the past week.

Hint: coloured text is a hyper link to an awesome story. Click to reveal!




Super-Neato Runner’s Mix, Volume 2

  1. The power of a pre-race sardine snack. Assuming, of course, that sardines don’t make you retch.
  2. A kick ass Ironman triathlete/marathoner with a race plan for delivery. Baby delivery.
  3. “Moderate” amounts of booze delays muscle recovery! Now to define moderate ….
  4. 13 Things to hate about the holidays. Yes, the list includes sanctimonious advice on how to keep fit over the holidays. I am writing an article on how to get fat over the holidays. I expect my advice will be adopted quickly and enthusiastically.
  5. 40 exhilarating Reads for Runners. I’m adding Seoul to Soul, the Ben Johnson story, to the list because it sounds conspiracy theory awesome.
  6. Sometimes, like during an extreme cold alert, I need a reminder that I really do love winter running. Really. I do. Without sarcasm.

5 responses to “Friday’s Mixed Tape Volume 2

  1. “I am writing on article on how to get fat over the holidays.” Love it!!! 🙂

  2. So now that’s TWO things I can’t do when I’m drunk: recover and operate heavy machinery. Rules, rules, rules…

  3. That VanessaRuns post does a fantastic job capturing what I love about winter running. Nice bit of writing!

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