You better lose yourself

I have already written sarcasm-laden posts about the Biggest Loser 4-Week Marathon Training Plan.  I just never thought I’d be following it.  But that’s a post for the Bermuda Marathon in four weeks.  The 3rd Annual TBL Marathon (“surprise”, you have to run a marathon in four weeks) aired last night and four new losers completed 26.2 miles.  I won’t even say anything about the contestant (except don’t vote for HER) who proclaimed during the race I’ve never run more than 8 miles because the show’s legal team wants you to believe they are totally fit for this challenge.  After signing all those waivers I would be too tired to run.

We say time doesn’t matter, but secretly we really want to know how fast they ran.   The newest losers are marked with an asterisk (*).

Daris (Season 9): 4.02 at 197 pounds (down from 346 pounds). 

*Ada (Season 10): 4.38 at 167 pounds (down from 258 pounds). 

Tara (Season 8): 4.56 at 159 pounds (down from 294 pounds).

*Patrick (Season 10): 5.45 at 244 pounds (down from 400 pounds). 

Helen (Season 8): 5.48 at 147 pounds (down from 257 pounds).

*Frado (Season 10): 5.51 at 221 pounds (down from 367 pounds). 

Koli (Season 9): 6.08 at 218 pounds (down from 403 pounds). 

Ashley (Season 9): 6.26 at 231 pounds (down from 374 pounds). 

Michael (Season 9): 6.26 at 299 pounds (down from 526 pounds). 

*Elizabeth (Season 10): 7.27 at 177 pounds (down from 244 pounds). 

Mike (Season 8): 8.58 at 214 pounds (down from 388 pounds). 

Ron (Season 8): 13.16 at 279 pounds (down from 430 pounds). 

Title: Eminem – Lose Yourself. 2002.


6 responses to “You better lose yourself

  1. Seriously? Three of those jerks ran a faster marathon than me after training for only four weeks? Yes, yes, I know we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other runners, but EFF THAT. Please say they cut out pee breaks and rest stops along the way?

    ::cocks pistol::

    • I call it the camera crew speed bump. Something about being stalked on camera for tv motivates them to go faster than they would if left to there own anonymous devices. It’s worth 60 min or so.

  2. Last season Daris got chewed out by the trainers because he gained a pound during marathon training. Shit, I would gladly gain more than that to run a 4:02.

    • I totally forgot about that. Bob says no one ever gains weight training for a marathon and I’m yelling at the tv that they need marathon coaches not general trainers if they want the contestants to run a marathon. They didn’t listen.

  3. Seriously? 6 minute break to drop the kids off at the pool? Let’s hurry a little….

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