I’m glad it’s your birthday

Husband’s birthday gift finally arrived. 

It travelled from China to Alaska to Kentucky to us. 

I need a loan just to cover those carbon offsets. 

It was worth it.

Yes, the engraving is real. 

He calls it The Hulk, which he thinks is hilarious given that it is the size of a loony.

I think he should call it Bruce, given that it is the size of a loony.

Title:  The Beatles – Happy Birthday.  1968.


17 responses to “I’m glad it’s your birthday

  1. What the heck was it doing in Alaska? Did it arrive by bald eagle? Sorry, I now just mention Alaska every chance I get.

    (On second thought, it makes sense for it to be going through Alaska to get to you Canadians. What makes less sense is Kentucky. Unless that entire postal trail you listed was in jest.)

    Also, that’s a really cool picture. And somehow I get a sinking feeling that this entire post is over my head.

  2. This post has made me realize how uncool and unhip I am – I had no idea that Apple made such a small device (although I shouldn’t be surprised). Is that a shuffle, and regardless of what it is, I love the engraving! 😀

    • You saw my bookshelf. My gift choices are not a window to cool and hip as I possess neither of those characteristics.

      • Does Apple even advertise with those silhouettes dancing with their white headphones + ipod devices anymore? The fact that I have to ask because I don’t know only adds more fuel to the fire.

        • I’m with you, I have no idea. I am on a self-imposed advertising ban due to my susceptibility. I don’t think they need to advertise. Just slap an apple on it and it sells itself.

  3. What the hell is it?

  4. I am waiting for the next version which is really really small. It is pictured below.


    I call it ‘The Atom’

  5. Hmmm, I catch the loon reference by looking at it, but not the Bruce one. Please translate for your US readership! 🙂

    I do not own an MP3 player of any sort, but am thinking of finally asking for one (perhaps a shuffle, perhaps not) for Christmas. But not for running! Just for commuting and podcasts. My walk is a lot longer now and I get bored. It’s brain time a-wastin’ and hell no, I can’t be alone with my thoughts.

    • The loon reference is definitely Canadian, but I think Bruce (the hulk when he isn’t the hulk) is American. Or maybe I’m falsely assuming all comic book characters are American.

      With podcasts your shuffle would make you smarter. Mine is filled with bad 80s and 90s music, thus reducing my IQ Step By Step (ohhh baby).

      • Yes… Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk when he gets angry…. that’s why he says things like: “You wouldn’t like to see me angry.”

        • Your teeny shuffle is definitely more a happy Bruce than an angry Hulk.

          • LOL! Embarrassing that I did not catch the Bruce/Hulk reference, but when you’re as out of touch with comics as I am, that plain-as-day (in retrospect) statement just flew over my head. If the shuffle is in fact exuding “happy” characteristics, maybe you should call it the Jolly Green Giant. They’re the same guy, right? 🙂

            I even made a reference to “Hulking out” the other day, but admittedly that’s only in my parlance because of working with awesome nerdly IT co-workers. No one ever thought to joke about Bruce before…until now!

            • I’m not even sure how I know … the only comic I ever read starred Archie Andrews :). Jolly Green Giant is fun – like calling the big guy slim.

              p.s. let me know when you whip out that Bruce ref to impress the hulking IT folks.

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