And a buck and a half for a beer

I did IT.  Under cover of darkness.  And it was harder than I expected.  A lot harder.  Perhaps the hardest race I’ve ever run. 

I nearly threw up at the 3/4 mark.  Lucky for me it was only in my mouth.  Because if I threw up outside my mouth there would have been a penalty. 

 I would not have survived the penalty.

Did I mention I did it near the scene of a recent shooting?  I ran in fear of the hoodlums lurking nearby.  I have an unfortunate track record with hoodlums.  Lucky for us they were only interested in their fancy smelling cigarettes.

I made the rookie mistake of starting too fast.  I never really recovered.  I was drunk by the end.  Truthfully, I was drunk by the middle, as evidenced by my compulsion to yell OMG I’m totally drunk into the darkness and my lane weaving that added unneeded distance to my course. 

I am a beer miler. 

And I am never doing it again.

Title: Tragically Hip – Little Bones. 1991.


7 responses to “And a buck and a half for a beer

  1. One word. Amazing.

  2. Amazing! So jealous – was supposed to do it last year but it got cancelled. Congrats!

  3. Excellent! What was the occasion? I have yet to join this elite subgroup of runners but it has been on my list of goals for years now. Someday… someday…

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