There goes a dogfish chased by a catfish

I found my Bermuda shorts.  Or as close as I’m willing to get if I have to run 42.2k in them.  They are arguably the exact opposite to Bermuda shorts in length, in that they are really short, not just above the knee; but they are plaid, which in my mind is Bermuda-ish.  I’m not sure I got that right.  But they were On Sale!  Now I just need to test out my new gear on a long run before the marathon.  In Canada.  In winter.  This is going to be a cold 30K. 

Also, that is totally me in the picture. 

Title: B-52s – Rock Lobster.  1978.


8 responses to “There goes a dogfish chased by a catfish

  1. Nice stems!

    I shouldn’t be saying this, with the way I bitched and moaned about the heat all summer, but I will definitely miss the plaid Lulus when I’m running in the sub-zero gear all winter long.

  2. !!! I was going to say that I recognized those shorts from Cheaper Than Therapy. And then she beat me to posting.

    Those are so stylin’ it hurts.

  3. I have a almost the exact same pair….

    (of legs)

  4. What about the socks?

    • I just googled Bermuda socks. I have tall running socks. They will offer some measure of warmth as I train in January in my short shorts. Now only my quads will get frostbite.

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